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Poland offers all kinds of accommodation from B & B, or a forest cottage close to the hunting grounds, to hotels from one to five stars.
However, if particular hunting grounds are relatively far from major cities finding five star hotels may be difficult.

We will book your preferred type of accommodation that you require from a list we will propose to you in the hunt booking procedure.

The accommodation costs are not part of the price paid to us for hunting. You will pay your board and lodging yourself directly on spot. Accommodation is cheap in Poland e.g. the rate of five star hotels is ca 60-70 GBP (this may be higher during the summer season).

You are recommended to come at least one day earlier than the hunt starting date. This gives you the opportunity to spend one day for entertainment in a good hotel with an option of test shooting running boar on a shooting range.

We will secure the necessary transport for you from the moment you arrive at the airport to the end of your stay in Poland.
Depending on your wish, you can have transport with a flexible chauffeur 24 h a day, during the whole time of your stay.

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