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P&H Limited is the publisher of web portal http://www.lowiecki.pl and daily newspaper http://dziennik.lowiecki.pl which are aimed at the hunting community and supporters of hunting and nature in Poland.

Both above-mentioned projects gather ca 50.000 unique readers per month and are the major web sites for Polish hunters. Compared with a number of ca 100,000 registered hunters in Poland we are the most popular media related to hunting in the market place.

A new initiative by the Company is to be the mediator between Polish hunting clubs and International hunters who want to hunt in Poland. We have local agents in the UK, Benelux, Germany, Austria, Norway and Italy.

Polish hunting traditions go back in history to the times of the first Polish Kings. The characteristics for hunting in Poland are very strongly influenced by tradition, customs and habits. Hunting in Poland is relatively cheap and provides many with a new experience of exciting hunting.

Do not miss such opportunity.

P&H Limited
Hunting Agency BASC