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You may use rifles as well as shot guns for most hunts in Poland. The major exception is that hunting red deer stags is allowed with a rifle only. Rifle calibers from 6, 5 to 9, 3 are acceptable however most popular in use are 30-06 and 7x65. Using a rifle during night hunting you must have an optics installed on the rifle as well as to use binoculars. During the day your rifle may or may not be equipped with optics.

If you have a shot gun only, your chance to shoot big game, is similar to rifle owners. Particularly, chances to shoot driven boars using a shot gun are almost equal to rifle owners because the maximum distance to shoot boars into a drive is 40 meters.

If you have a European Gun Card, you are enabled to come with you gun directly to Poland. If you haven't you should apply locally for a European Gun Card or consult the Polish Consulate to get a gun delivery permission to be able to cross the border with your gun. Documents that you need to allow you to hunt in Poland (Don't forget to take the voucher with you when going to the Consulate). are:
  1. Your hunting license (if such is obliged in your country to have hunting rights);
  2. European Gun Card (or your local gun permission with a gun delivery permission from the Polish Consulate);
  3. Hunting voucher supplied by us (it confirms the reason why you cross a boarder with a gun).
You can fly with a gun with national airlines only, e.g. British Airlines or Polish LOT. Budget airlines do not accept guns on board at all. If you are going to fly to Poland by budget airlines any way, you should send your gun earlier as a cargo delivery and pick up the gun at the airport of your destination.
If you decide not to take your gun with you we may arrange a gun for you, however, you must have with you your gun permission valid at the country of origin.

Do not carry ammo with your gun as we will arrange ammo for you at your destination, also check your clothing, pockets etc, for ammo you have forgotten about as this will cause major problems at airport security. If you prefer any particular brand of ammo we will try to arrange them for you. We will buy Brenneke bullets for your shot gun or the requested type or proper rifle caliber ammo.

There is an option that we can arrange to hire a gun for you from a hunter being member of a hunting club that is hosting the hunt. It may be a shot gun or a rifle depending on what type of gun you have got entered on your gun permission valid at the country of origin.

If you have any question concerning the above do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to solve any problem you may have with guns and ammo during your hunting with us.

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