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Polish hunting traditions go back in history to the times of the first Polish Kings. The characteristics for hunting in Poland are very strongly affected by tradition, customs and habits. Hunting in Poland is relatively cheap and provides many with a new experience of exciting hunting.

Game animals that can be found in their natural environment are for example red deer, roe and fallow deer, wild boar and foxes. Polish hunters are very experienced because they hunt in unfenced territories and have excellent knowledge of these animals. All these aspects generate a big interest for hunting in the Polish countryside and make it famous world wide.

The Polish Hunting Association is the only national hunters' organization being in charge of most aspects of hunting in the country. All hunters and all hunting clubs must be members of this association. All game living in the wild belongs to the State, however, after it is shot down game become owned by the hunting clubs. The hunting rights do not belong to the landowner and can only be exercised by members of the Polish Hunters' Association within the hunting grounds.

The countries hunting grounds are divided into 5250 hunting territories with a minimum area of 7500 acres. Most of these territories are rented out to the hunting clubs, whilst the rest are managed by the authorities. Yearly shooting plans are drawn up by clubs and approved by the forestry administration.

Hunting clubs are responsible for game protection and must pay game damages to local farmers. Club membership fees and the value of shot game are not sufficient to pay the sometimes very high claims by farmers. Therefore clubs have to sell hunts to foreign hunters.

This creates an opportunity for the International hunter community to visit Poland. Poland is now a member country of the European Union which allows you to hunt in unfenced territories within a natural environment.

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