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There are two main ways of hunting in Poland: Individual hunting - when hunters hunt without the help of beaters. They can be accompanied by a hunting guide, and Collective hunting - when hunters hunt with the help of beaters. Beaters work the game so that they flee towards the line of the hunters.

These are the most popular methods for hunting:

Stalk Hunting

With this method the hunter tries to approach the game to get as close as possible to be able to shoot it. The hunter looks at the game, estimates it and decides whether to shoot it or not. This method is used to hunt for: fallow game and wild boars. It is a typical way of individual hunting and it is possible to hunt in this way all year long. The most important thing is that this method gives the game and hunter an equal chance. The point is to see the game before it sees you. Stalk hunting is a very difficult way of hunting, as the hunters need to know how to move on the hunting ground and how to recognize animal tracks, and they must also have knowledge of the animal's habits. That is why foreign hunters are often accompanied by a local hunting guide who understands the hunting territory very well.

Track hunting

This method is a type of stalking and is used to hunt for deer and wild boars. Track hunting is often used in the winter time on moonlight nights, when the hunting ground is covered with snow. The hunter follows the animal's tracks which can be seen in the snow. The hunter also needs to be careful in his approach to the game so that he gets as close as possible to be able to shoot it.

Hunting Towers

With this type of hunting, hunters wait for game to come near them. They wait either on the ground with camouflage or at the top of a tower. This method is used to hunt for deer, roe deer, wild boars, foxes, birds and other animals. Hunting from towers has many advantages as it is easier to observe animal habits. The hunter is also able to take his time to get a precise shot. Towers are usually built at the borders between forests and fields, or other places where game comes out into open space. Hunters sit in wait usually in the early morning, in the evening or on moonlight nights. According to the hunting law, at night time you can only hunt for predators and wild boars. The big advantage of hunting from a tower is the fact that it is hard for the animals to smell the hunter.

Decoy hunting

The hunter decoys the animal in order to make it come close to his post. The hunter imitates the sounds of the game with special instrument or his lips. The animal follows the sounds, as it thinks that it is a sound of its rival, its mate or its prey. This way of hunting is used to hunt for males of fallow game, mainly, roebucks and stags. It is a very effective way of hunting; it is also a very difficult method, restricted to hunters with great experience.

Hunting with vehicle

Hunters move on the hunting ground in a vehicle: car or a cart with horse. This method is used to hunt for deer, fallow-deer, roe deer, and foxes. This method allows the hunter to see many animals in a short period of time as he moves very quickly over the hunting ground. When hunting like this, the hunters must leave the vehicle that move forward watches by games while hunter has got time to target and shoot the game.

Collective hunting

This method is used to hunt in open spaces, fields, and in forests. In such hunts up to twenty hunters can take part together with the appropriate number of beaters. Before the hunt, the hunters and beaters gather together for a briefing. During this briefing the leader of the hunt explains to everyone the details of the hunt, e.g. safety rules. Every hunter gets instructions about his position for every drive. The drives take place in an area of several hectares. Hunters take up their positions according to the leader's instructions. Beaters take their positions at the other side of the area. Driven game usualy boars cross lines of hunters where they are shot when running. When drive has been ended all animals that have been shot on that drive are collected and the hunters and beaters gather together getting instructions for the next drive. At the end of the day all shot animals are laid out together in a proper row according to hunting tradition. The hunters and beaters gather together for a traditional formal ceremony to celebrate the completion of the hunt.

Wild boars specials

Wild boars can be hunted in two different ways. If you want a large trophy male, sugested way to hunt these is from a hunting tower. The best time is at night when there is a full moon. The guide will point out the kind of boar you can shoot which would have been discussed before your outing. If the population of boar has risen too high, there may be very easy to shot a boar. The success rate is very high and during a few nights, it is possible to shoot 3 or 4 good boars.

Other way of hunting is driven boar desribed in Collective hunting section above. Driven boars season in Poland is relativelly short and starts in October to finish in mid January. Driven boar is action, adrenaline, and lots of adventure experiense. Try it out and you will come back again and again every year.

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