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Safety regulations of Polish Hunters Association

(Most important safety rules)

  1. Barrels shall be directed either up or down during loading/reloading, moving, breaks in hunting, etc. and it is does not matter if a gun is loaded or unloaded.
  1. Before a gun is loaded its barrel must be checked whether it is empty.

  2. While moving a gun during targeting game, another hunter nor any other person can be "crossed by" a line alongside the gun's barrel.

  3. Targeting game and shooting thereof is permitted if it is fully identified and conditions ensures a safe shot.

  4. Drinking alcohol and using drugs are forbidden before and during the hunt.

  5. Group hunting rules:
  • Guns have to be unloaded between drives.
  • Use of a trigger accelerator is forbidden
  • Optics mounted on your gun, if any, may have enlargement max. x3
  • Each hunter may move no more than 3 meters left or right from his allocated position
  • Shooting 'along side' of a hunters line is forbidden. 'Along side' means that the shooting direction passes the next hunter within 10 meters.
  • Shooting across a corner of a hunters line is forbidden (see below).
  • Shooting is allowed in standing position only.
  • Shooting into a run is forbidden if the beaters are closer then 100 meters from the hunters' lines (see below).
  • Shooting deer into the run is allowed if the hunting leader has gives permission in advance
  • Maximum distance to shoot game into a run is 40 meters (see below)
  • Maximum distance to shoot game out of a run is 100 meters (see below)
  • Maximum distance to shoot using a shot gun is 40 meters

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